Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sleek & Simple

Prints are such an easy way to make an outfit look complete. If you think about what I'm wearing here, it's extremely simple. No necklace, bracelet, or belt. Prints make an outfit look put together; If I'd worn a solid color skirt this outfit would have looked boring.

Keep in mind that hair and little details also make an outfit look thought out or could make it look like you didn't put any thought into what you're wearing. I chose to go with a sleek hairstyle to keep things clean and simple. 

I'm not a huge fan of wearing makeup; I certainly don't have a daily makeup routine. I imagined this outfit with red lipstick for a pop of color, but couldn't find mine in time for the shoot. I wore a matte, berry colored lipstick from Sephora instead.

I couldn't resist buying these chunky sunglasses when I saw them at Charlotte Russe. It reminded me of some I saw on my favorite blogger last week and of some Mui Mui glasses I see on stylish celebrities and models.

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