Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Lazy Girl's Maxi

Mornings are not my friends.
When in doubt, take them sandals out! Who has time for shoe tying anyways? Sandals are one of my go-to comfort shoes when choosing a laid back outfit. As to not look sloppy I opted for these sleek Steve Maddens. 
Oooooh surprise slits make for unique pieces.

Somehow I still manage to drag myself out of bed and make use of the little bit of energy I have to put on my "face". On the days that even that seems too great of a task to tackle, I make a compromise with myself. As long as I put on my "face" then I can be bummy in every other aspect of my ensemble, hence the messy bun and oversized maxi.
Accessories can make or break an outfit! And without them, this maxi/ vest combo would've been rather drab.
Mornings are not my friends.

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