Monday, August 26, 2013

Print on Print

If you know me... you may have noticed I love button ups and messy hair (it's such a sexy combination!).

 I stole this shirt from my Grandpa's closet a year ago when he came to visit, and I don't intend on returning it any time soon! I love menswear with a passion. If you gave me a well fitted tux and some cool brogues, I would probably be the happiest Tom Boy that every lived. 
I love the way this over-sized shirt flows out of the tight pencil skirt, another good combination!
I added red lipstick because... why not? I actually wore some makeup for you guys today... feel special.
The bright rouge and hair contrasts with the businesslike blah of the striped button up. 
Here I wore two different prints, which is not as hard as you think. You want to make sure they have something in common so they tie together. Here, both prints included the color blue, so there's not a huge difference in the color palette. 

I considered saving this outfit for a very important interview I have tomorrow, but decided that I just couldn't wait to wear it! Does that ever happen to you?

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