Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Oui Like Leather

 How were your guys' labor day weekends? Sorry for the lack of posting during the week's end; this four day break was eventful. I recently purchased two "leather" skirts. One I thrifted from a local Salvation Army, the other I got from Forever21 and it's the one I'm wearing above.
I love pencil skirts, and this pleather is a great way to wear one. Leather was the look of the summer, or should I say is? Summer isn't over yet! 
 I'm still looking for a pair of leather shorts or pants. Pants would be a more practical buy considering that Fall is about to commence. 
 This morning I debated with myself over whether I should wear this skirt or not. Why? I asked myself: Is this school appropriate? In the end I concluded that I didn't really care, though I did remain vigil for any deans roaming around campus throughout the day. 

What do you guys think? Is this outfit school appropriate? 
 Check out these great leather-look skirts! 

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