Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Adventure No. 2

Hey guys! So like we mentioned on Friday, we went on a road trip up to San Fransisco to check out colleges! It snowballed into a four day weekend getaway- a well deserved one.

 It was my first time in San Fransisco and I absolutely fell in love with the city! Angelica and I can definitely see ourselves living here. 
 The first stop on the trip was China town. It's a tourist place so all the shops were filled with the same products, but they were still packed with neat nick nacks. 

 The first college we visited was UC Berkeley (for me, Angelica's already seen it before.) By the way, Angelica's been to San Fransisco on a school trip to check out colleges up there. 
 I loved the laid back attitude on campus and the neighborhood surrounding the school was really eclectic and unique. 
Maybe I'll be a future bear?

From UC Berkeley we went to East Bay. Neither of us fell in love with it and we moved on to San Fransisco State quickly. 
 San Fransisco state was full of art and friendly people. We both fell in love with the campus. 

This was a great experience and I encourage any of my classmates to go out and visit some colleges that you can't in a single day. Something is waiting for you to discover it. 

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