Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Vivid Velvet

Hey guys! We want to apologize for the lack of posts, but busy schedules and car related issues have caused a brief halt in our postings. My car has been giving me problems lately, so I haven't been able to shoot in the morning before school like we normally do. Not to worry, because we're BACK!

I got this velvet button up at a thrift store. I can't wear it as a long sleeve because one of the arms' buttons is missing on the cuff and I haven't got around to fixing it. 

This pair of men's shoes I was lucky enough to stumble upon whilst thrifting... Well, they always say, if the shoe fits... 

Who needs the sun as an excuse to wear sunglasses?

Loving the contrast of textures between the velvet and leather.

I'm not typically a big fan of leggings; this is the ONLY pair I own. I honestly don't like it when they are used to substitute pants; pants and leggings are not the same thing! If I wear them, my "basics" have to be covered at all costs. 
Here are the jewelry details, check out that signature hairband!

Guess that face!

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