Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Back To School

Today was the first day of our last high school year. *tear tear* 
Teresa:  I woke up with absolutely no inspiration and opted for an easy and casual look, partly because it was gloomy outside and I don't feel like rebelling against the school dress code just yet. Maybe tomorrow?
Angelica:  I hope you can all forgive me for my brief leave of absence but I'm back and ready to post like a mad woman! Naturally, as I anticipated the arrival of this bittersweet day, the preparation of outfits and a beauty regimen commenced. So with that being said I planned rigorously, from my head to my toes and the items in my purse, for this not-so-according-to-plan day. Let's see how well that works out for me tomorrow, because everything just went so smoothly today (sarcastic tone intended) ...

Angelica: Reflecting now on our previous posts, I was reminded that this is mine and Teresa's first post TOGETHER! Errmerrgerrdd. How exciting! Definitely expect to see more of us now that we'll be around one another more often, have a bounty of photographers to choose from and (in my case) have a legitimate reason as to why I'm dressing up everyday like it's a fashion show. Which in my opinion, I believe that everyone should feel their snazziest at all times. Simply because, who doesn't like feeling snazzy? I just happen to feel snazzy with a pre-planned outfit, Steve Madden's on my feet, styled hair and painted on eyebrows. #STAYSNAZZY
 Teresa: I think we'll be posting more regularly now that we'll see each other more often (yay!). It's a little tricky to dress fashionably to school. You have to keep in mind that what you put on in the morning you have to stay in for roughly eight hours. For an overachiever like me, it's way more than that. Last year, I remember regretting an outfit by the time my second class was over; I'm trying to avoid wearing clothes that leave me with the thought of "I'm only wearing this because it looks really good, but I'm secretly really uncomfortable."

Teresa: I'm still settling into, plus organizing and finding all my stuff in my house post-fumigation. Once I get my wardrobe back to its original glory, I won't let this type of laziness fly. The chaos inside my house has left me accessory-less, so bare with me. Wrapping it up, I hope everybody who shared this first school day with me had a wonderful day! Stay posted. 
Angelica: Never forget to accessorize people, as you can see, I clearly am running out of places to wear my jewelry. I'm incredibly anxious for school but excited for the future of the blog! I hope you enjoy seeing not only our style transform but us as well, throughout this senior year!

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