Sunday, July 14, 2013

Stop and Smell the Roses

Posing in front of a stranger's house because of its beautiful shrubbery 
Yesterday, I embarked on an unexpected shopping day with a friend; I ended up scoring some pretty good stuff. H&M is currently having an amazing sale! I got this peplum top because the fabric resembles that of a bathing suit; it's stretchy, smooth, and comfortable. The print is also very summer friendly.

Simple jewelry is my favorite; I like to stack and make a minimalist statement. These rings from Forever21 resemble some that I saw on my favorite fashion blogger, Aimee Song, and I bet they also have a friendlier price tag than hers. (similar one here) I got these midi rings while I was travelling; I suggest buying them in packs. You can get some from Urban.

I'd like to thank the friendly neighbor whose garden I selfishly utilized to take these pictures. As you might be able to tell, I take quite a bit of pride in the manicures I do. Mainly, I just do my own nails; I occasionally do my sister's or mom's nails (it's a bonding thing).

This was my  first attempt at a photo shoot for the blog; It was difficult. Not only was it extremely hot (I had an extra shirt handy to wipe my face with in between shots), but it was so bright my photographer couldn't even see the picture she was taking! I felt pretty silly posing while cars and people passed by; I hope I just get used to it. It's all for you, fellow fashion enthusiasts! 

I wore this outfit to the birthday party of my boyfriend's little sister. I was in such a rush to get there that I completely forgot to add some bracelets! I always have hair ties on my wrist (all the time).

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