Saturday, July 13, 2013

Redondo Beach: First of many photoshoots to come.

And so it begins... 
Salutations visitors! Yet again, after numerous attempts to capture a decent photo where my outfit and face cooperate, my photographer Valerie Diaz  and I came to the conclusion that candid photos are the best photos, for my expertise in modeling tends to leave something to be desired. 
Enjoy my lovelies.

Here I'm wearing an: Urban Outfitters Bowler Hat.
Forever 21 array of Gold Earrings 
Forever 21 Lace Onesie
Forever 21 Black Woven Patent Leather Belt 
Forever 21 Black Leather Motorcycle Jacket
American Apparel Light Wash High-Waisted Shorts 
Thrifted Maroon Purse with Gold Accents
H&M Black Open-Toed Flats

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