Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Greetings Fellow Fashion Enthusiasts! ANGELICA HAS ARRIVED!

I'm so excited to finally introduce myself, and debut my most recent outfit on zee bloggo de fashion. 

Just so you can can get a taste of who I am, I chose this picture out of many failed attempts of trying to look natural, as I posed unnaturally in front of various shrubs and bushes; whilst bribing my 10 year old photographer with hand-me-downs. I opted for one of my signature "Awkward Turtle" poses. 


As you can see, posing is not my strong point. 

To sum up this less than glorious first post, I'll clue you in on what I'm wearing:
Black Floppy Hat; Cream & Black Leather Trim Collared Peplum Blouse; Burgundy Pleather Shorts and accessories are all from Forever 21. As for my Black Orthopedic Wedges? I stole them from my Grandmammy's closet.

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