Monday, December 16, 2013

Indian Winter

Hey guys! This outfit just goes to show you how little we Californians know about winter. My mom came home with this frock; it was a gift to her, which I claimed (; . I couldn't decide how to style it this morning, but I knew I wanted to wear it to celebrate the sunny weather that's broken up the cloudy days. 

 I had the most trouble deciding how I was going to wear my hair, and I wore it three different ways for the pictures. The styling of an outfit (hair, accessories, makeup) can drastically change the direction of a look. 

 I love how free and flowy the garment is, and the color and print are extremely vibrant. This is something I wish I could have worn when I was in Italy this past summer! 
 And the hair goes down...

 My ethnicity always tends to befuddle people. I've been told I can pass as  Filipino, Japanese, European of some type, and everything in between. I'm pure Mexican, guys!
 I love the ethnic cloth, but don't know what to call it. It's not a kimono... What is it? From what culture? 

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