Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Fingertips and My Lips

Buenos Dias fashionistas, Angelica here! I want to apologize for my brief absence from the blog but luckily Teresa came to the rescue! Not to worry little ones, mama's back.

Here's an outfit from a little while back that came out better than I expected. Don't you just love that feeling?

I've always been weary when it comes to red lipstick because you either look hot or like a hot mess, but on this fine day the lipsticks gods seemed to be working in my favor.

I fell in love with the contrast between colors and textures, I felt the little pop of red here and there against the gray and black was just enough but not too much.

As you can see I was trying my best to not reveal the missing nails from my left hand. At this time I still had some of my Lana Del Rey nails intact, now they're all gone. OH, how I miss them.

The chunkiness of this sweater and sleek-ness (hope that's a word) of this leather skirt  balance each other out. And the silhouette of the skirt also helps accentuate my waist as well, without it I'd look rather frumpy.

I didn't realize that my pantyhose and flats blended together as much as they did until now. But looking at the combo I kind of like the mystery of not knowing whether I've been plagued with pointy feet or they're just some sort of lame optical allusion... HMMM, peculiar!

Adios mis amigos! I promise you'll be seeing more of me soon enough.

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