Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Paisley Please

 Hey guys! Hope you're having a nice evening. I wore this outfit to school yesterday with a denim jacket on top that didn't come out in the photographs. It was wayyy to cold to wear this alone, but I wanted to highlight the baby doll form of this paisley print dress from H&M.

Considering Angelica is quite shorter than I am, and that she also likes to crouch down to take pictures, I occasionally look like a giant on the blog. 

 I tend to wear lots of light layers when it's cold. I like to layer with tights, thigh high socks, cardigans, and thin sweaters underneath the heavier stuff. It's also a good way to dress when you're going to be changing settings often. For example, if I get hot in class, I can just peel off my jacket and sweater and still be comfortably warm inside. 

 We tried to take a nice twirling picture, but that didn't exactly work out the way we thought it would. 

 You've all seen my Docs before. I tend to wear them on rainy days because they're heavy duty; they combine style and function perfectly. I also like how the chunky boots offsets the femininity of the dress. 

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