Monday, July 22, 2013

DOOMSDAY: Senior Pictures

ELLO mates!
The dreaded day is upon us here at Carson High, picture day. But not just any ol' routine picture day. SENIOR Picture Day. You know, the type where your mommy fixes your tie and pinches your cheeks, your dad tells you not to grow up too fast because he wants you to stay his little princess forever; it's one of THOSE days.

If forced smiles and cliche poses aren't enough, don't forget about the cringe-worthy oh-so-luxurious robes and furs offered in the the so called "Deluxe Package" for your PERSONALITY pictures...
As for me, I opted for the traditional cap and gown, and refused to be seen in those less than luxurious materials. Ahhh yes, how can I leave out how embarrassingly uncomfortable and tiresome those darn poses were? Well. They weren't. But I'm feeling a bit dramatic today. (The regret of not posing with synthetic gorilla fur is sinking in.)

Featuring my most recent obsessions, new earrings! (Including my first earcuffs!)

Finally! This whole summer I've tried to avoid using heat tools, taking into consideration the amount of damage that chlorine does to your hair. But today was an exception! And let me tell you, IT FEELS GOOD to have my hair done. 

I believe that when your hair looks good, nothing is impossible. That goes for guys and gals!

Today I chose to go for a minimalist style, the delicate detail in the blouse was enough so that I didn't feel the need for much jewelry. (Special thanks to my "stylist").  Like I told Teresa, I wanted to go for a look that whispered understated and growled showstopper. If those two words made love, their lovechild would the 4-5 inches of my blouse that was captured today, forever. This is the look I'll be remembered by! 
Hmmm, was I showstated or an understopper?! 

Here, I restyled probably my favorite pants. I find that they go with everything!

Although today wasn't nearly as horrific as I made it out to be, I do wish that I had my Mumsy there to "fix my hair and tell me I'm pretty". Thanks to my annoying brother Andrew who gave me the much needed pep-talk before my close-up. 

Today I wore a: Forever 21 Black Eyelet Blouse with Lace and Gold details. 
Forever 21 Gold Earrings
H&M Cordoroy Maroon Ankle Pants
Thrifted Black Box Purse
Forever 21 Gold Toe Black Ballet Flats

Special thanks to my photographer, Valerie. And my friend Elisa who did my makeup. 

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