Monday, September 9, 2013

I Love James Franco

What's up dawgs? 

Hope you can excuse my freshly showered self here. With this heat, the thought of using any heat tool at any time in the day for a hairstyle that'll only last for several hours, seems ridiculous. So don't be ashamed to rock the "natural" look with your luscious locks.

Don't know if you've heard or not but... I am kind of totally and sort of irrevocably in love with Sir James Edward Franco, of the "Out-of-My-League" clan. So much so that I walk around strutting this canvas tote with his face on it, silently professing my quite obvious infatuation with him. 

If I were a superstar of some sort this would most likely be the face I'd make on a daily basis... Probably the reason I'm not a superstar, too much fabulousness happening all at once...

Semi-wet hair, don't care... 

I paired this leather jacket with this dainty dress together so that the girlyness and edginess balance each other out. I liked the white and black theme (with gold accents) because it felt simple and easy going, without appearing like I tried too hard. 

Totally loving this incredibly awkward foot pose. I'm loving these sleek motorcycle boots even more.

I wanted to keep my accessories to a minimum just so that I didn't look overdone.

Aaahhh, the struggle was real trying to take a cutesy, girly picture.

Hope y'alll enjoyed this post! 

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